CONDOCafé for Genesis²

Online Service Platform

Leverage exclusive online solutions developed for condo and homeowner associations to boost efficiency, improve communication and coordinate schedules and activities.

CONDOCafé™ is an online service platform fully integrated with Yardi Genesis²™ that empowers condo associations, owners, and buyers with convenient paperless solutions. CONDOCafé Certificates and CONDOCafé Portal provide access to real-time financial information, document processing, ownership details, and more without compromising security. Accurate electronic records eliminate filing, photocopying, and paper storage costs. CONDOCafé adapts to your organization; use only the features you need.

CONDOCafé Certificates provides easy paperless processing of documents and status certificates available for online purchase via credit card – saving both association management and potential buyers precious time.

Product Highlights

  • CONDOCafé Certificates

    Automate the delivery of status certificates and other documents. CONDOCafé Certificates is an online, pay-per-use service platform fully integrated with Genesis² that provides easy paperless processing. Optimize and simplify receiving requests, processing payments and delivering status certificates and documents online. No more tedious paperwork, relying on couriers, or collecting certified checks.

  • CONDOCafé Portal

    CONDOCafé Portal provides association owners and shareholders with convenient access to online ledgers, fee payments, calendar reminders, and additional forms and documents. Owners can view, download, and print real-time ledger activities that reflect current balances. Secure one-time or recurring payments can be scheduled within CONDOCafé Portal. Owners can also update contact information and submit and review online maintenance requests.

Key Features
  • Seamless integration with Genesis²
  • Streamlined online certificate and document processing
  • Owner access to real-time property information
  • Association calendar and message board tools
Key Benefits
  • Integrates seamlessly with Genesis²
  • Supports green initiatives with online solutions
  • Streamlines certificate and document processing
  • Provides secure owner access to real-time information
  • Adapts to your organization, so you can use CONDOCafé Portal and CONDOCafé Certificates independently or in conjunction