Budgeting and Forecasting

Powerful, Precise Budget Analysis

Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting enables detailed analysis and comparison of future income and expenses for your properties.

Part of the Yardi Voyager® property management platform, it streamlines budget preparation and provides unmatched flexibility by letting you create custom models and formulas, so you can base your budget forecasts on criteria specific to your needs.

Budgeting and Forecasting enables you to create accurate budget projections for revenue and expenses using data from actual tenant leases. Advanced budget worksheets make it easy to analyze and compare various budget assumptions and scenarios. You can also project future revenue from rent increases, recoveries, and lease rollover assumptions.

In addition, you can project rent or charge escalations to forecasts, import budget amounts from your general ledger accounts or existing budgets, and clarify budget amounts and variances with a comprehensive narrative-and-details reporting system. Commercial property owners can apply market leasing assumptions to forecasts. Maximize profitability by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of budget projections for your entire portfolio with Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting.

Key Features
  • Offers complete integration with the Yardi Voyager property management system
  • Creates accurate revenue projections based on defined leases and rollover assumptions
  • Permits unlimited budget revisions with ability to copy and combine budgets
  • Applies custom formulas, budget assumptions, and market leasing assumptions to create and run advanced budget models for various financial forecasts and projections
  • Exports budget data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Documents all budget comments, variances, and action items using budget details and narratives
  • Uses advanced variance analysis to identify any actual amounts that exceed specified budgeting thresholds
  • Enables zero- and task-based budgeting
  • Generates a wide variety of budget-to-actual comparative reports
  • Permits collaborative budget operations
  • Includes advanced budget security functions to lock worksheets and hide accounts from unauthorized users
  • Controls G/L account access to budget worksheets with advanced integrated security features