Beacon Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Made Simple

The Beacon Affordable Housing online solution helps manage compliance for HUD 50059, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), HOME, and Rural Development Section 515 properties.

  • HUD 50059 Compliance

    • Project-Based Section 8, Section 202, Section 236, RAP, Rent Supplement, PAC, PRAC, and BMIR support
    • TRACS versions 202C and 202D support
    • HUD-compliant waitlist management
    • HUD-52670 HAP voucher request and HUD special claims worksheets
    • HUD-93104 Excess Income Report for 236 properties
    • Automated Gross Rent Change and Utility Reimbursement payment processes

  • LIHTC and HOME Compliance

    • State-specific Tenant Income Certifications (TIC) and annual Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project reports
    • Automated XML interfaces for state-mandated electronic TIC data submission
    • Applicable fraction tracking with recalculations prior to each move-in
    • Waitlist management with customizable preferences

  • Rural Development Section 515 Compliance

    • Management Interactive Network Connection (MINC) compatible
    • General ledger interface to 3560-7 budget
    • Easy-to-produce 3560-10 balance sheet
    • Simple 3560-8 tenant certification process
    • Comprehensive 3560-29 project worksheet