Six trending tips

By on Apr 30, 2012 in Insight

We already touched on the takeaways from this year’s Apartment Internet Marketing conference but leaving such an event without forwarding on a few of the highlighted websites and resources presented would be remiss. Here’s the list of trending don’t-miss sites that may be useful for you and your business.

  1. Ad tracking with phone is a simple (very simple) way of managing your inbox. You can unsubscribe from pestering emails, discover new emails you didn’t know you needed yet, and organize them all in one place.
  2. “Click-to-call” Call Extensions by Google: The idea that prospects who call your business are further along in the purchasing decision than those that just visit your site is the driving force behind Google’s Click-to-Call service. Call Extensions allow businesses using ad-words to include a clickable phone number in their mobile ads rather than just a web address, ideally driving even more qualified leads.
  3. ToneCheck: Seemingly similar to the way your social media monitoring solution can provide insight to the online sentiment of your company using semantics and context, ToneCheck works with your existing email to do a quick pre-send check and make sure you’re not saying something you’ll regret. It’s free and could save you from an accidental misunderstanding.
  4. Project MintChip: Consider this, with the growth of online payment options how will that translate into the offline world? The Royal Canadian Mint is working hard to answer that question and they hope that you’ll join The Challenge.
  5. Woman purchasing  online with credit cardResponsive design: Recent statistics estimate that mobile devices account for 8.49 percent of global website hits.  Responsive design is a concept that doesn’t just allow for a mobile friendly website but allows you to deliver the best user experience by creating a site that reacts and shifts based on the visitors’ available screen.
  6. ZMOT: Your prospects are all “digital explorers” according to Google and marketing has evolved to capture their constantly evolving attention span. Google has coined the online decision-making moment the “Zero Moment of Truth.” Winning in that moment is the difference between being Google and being AOL.  Download their free eBook and see if you can pick up tips to maximize your ZMOT moment.

Will you use any of these services or resources? If we left out one of your new favorites, please share by leaving a comment.